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A leading supplier in the global aftermarket
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Our History

SH Auto Parts has enjoyed the history of rapid growth and success since its establishment in 1978

In 1978, Mr. Shih-tung Chou found Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in New Taipei City, focused on automotive suspension and steering systems. It was the birth of today's globally operating company.
In 1989, Taichung plant established and occupies an area of more than 32,500 M2.
In 2001, Shanghai Pudong plant operated.
In 2002, the company built its own brand, "SH"
In 2021, Dounan plant will soon to be unveiled, with the implementation of indistrial 4.0 and the full automated production line.

With the great effort devoted by our R&D team, SH company is known for being an innovation leader in the suspension system industry.
INNOVATION, PASSION, DESIGN, the company's very own mission statement can be found at the core of every product.
This is a benchmark that has been applied to the company for the past 40 years.

Apart from being a leading strategic supplier and strong partner to our global customers, Shih Hsiang also makes products available under its own brand, "SH" in fast-growing countries, including Asia, Middle East, Latin Americas, and Russia. The combination of continuous commitment to customising diversified items, deep integration with the global market and customer-oriented designs, the company becomes an outstanding expert and influencer in the industry.


SH Auto Parts has enjoyed a history of rapid growth and success since its establishment in Tapei in 1978.

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA)2021, Regional Edition
Dounan Plant established, spans 50000 m2 of land
e-Factory Alliance Partner with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC
The National Award of Outstanding SMEs
The 7th D&B TOP 1000 Elite SME Award CERTIFICATE
Rising Star Award
Listed among Taiwan's Top 1000 Elite SMEs at 6th D&B SME Elite Award
An award winner at 19th OEMA Golden Peak Award for outstanding enterprise and leader
Listed among Taiwan's Top 1000 Elite SMEs at 5th D&B SME Elite Award
ISO14001: 2015 Certified
Listed among Taiwan's Top 1000 Elite SMEs at 4th D&B SME Elite Award
GSV, SQP and WCA Certified
SAP-developed ERP system phased in
An award winner at 10 th OEMA Golden Torch Awards for outstanding business operation
Logistic Center in Taichung, Taiwan Established
Data Systems-develop ERP system phased in
Shanghai Pudong Plant Established
ISO 9001 Certified and QS 9000 Certified
Automated Welding Robots started operating in production line
Taichung Plant Established
Founded by S.T. Chou in Sanchong Dist. New Taipei City, Taiwan

Corporate Philosophy

Our expertise is up to any challenge

Shih Hsiang has been pursuing the goal of becoming a "happy company". In addition to the tailor-made training programs provided to employees, the company continues to improve its benefits and perks in order to create a friendly workplace.

At Shih Hsiang, you are part of innovative solutions that improve the quality of daily commuting and change the way people drive.

By embracing diversity, sustainability, innovation, technology and well-being in the workplace, we lay the groundwork for you to achieve great things!

In addition, SH company firmly believes that a social and ecological balance is required to do business
successfully in the long term. The company aims to preserve resources for current and future generations
by taking the action of adopting the solar panels to the newly established plant. Responsibility and sustainability are part of our vision and value.

Manufacturing Facilities

Efficient Manufacturing

Traceability and IoT (The Internet of Things) are applying in the production process.

Product traceability at every stage of production. Starts from raw material, processing, production to quality inspection, final product and shipping, all complete and full data are being archived in the system which assists us to trace back the production data when required.

The IoT optimizes manufacturing processes and ensures that they remain adaptable. IoT intelligent systems enable rapid and efficient manufacturing by updating data among the whole production lines and even among different plants. Big data can be visually monitored which enables production line to respond faster to those unexpected situations and identify potential maintenance issues before they lead to downtime.

Certificates / Awards

TUV ISO 9001:14001 Certified

At Shih Hsiang we have always believed that quality is delivered by the right combination of excellent people, excellent production equipment, and excellent processes.